NEW STILLS! TFIOS Amsterdam Scenes!

With the TFIOS release date quickly approaching more and more stills from the film are making their way to the fans! We are excited to show two more stills released within the last few days! The stills are of Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) in Amsterdam!




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A still from The Fault in Our Stars has been released! We have all been eagerly awaiting a sneak peek at this amazing film! We can only anticipate how they have brought one of our favorite stories to life!


We have also gotten a possible release date for the trailer as well! A twitter account belonging to Don Boone (presumably Josh Boone’s father) tweeted out the following tweets earlier!


We have been getting a lot of TFIOS updates and sneak peeks lately! Thanks to for keeping us updated! I think the best one is the possibility of the trailer being released on Valentine’s Day! Could it get any more perfect!?

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Shailene and Ansel Respond to Controversial Tagline


Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort respond to the controversial tagline featured in the first The Fault in Our Stars film poster which was released this past Wednesday.

The controversial tagline sparked a huge debate within the Fault in Our Stars fandom! Many feel that the tagline: “One sick love story” is distasteful and does not capture the true emotion of the film.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Woodley said about The Fault in Our Stars’ “one sick love story” tagline, “I had a really strong response to it. It’s definitely — it’s not a tagline that I probably would have chosen by any means,” she said.

Woodley admits that all readers would never come to an agreement on one tagline that could appeal to a wide audience. “I think that there’s so many people who are so passionate about this book that there’s nothing that will ever satisfy everyone. So I think it was just up to the discretion of the marketing mavens,” she says. “For me, it was — yeah, not something I would have chosen. But it seems like half the people love it and half the people don’t like it.”

Ansel Elgort also tweeted out about the controversy:

Ansel Elgort’s views match up with John Green’s who believes that the tagline is good. The Fault in Our Stars poster is already being advertised in theaters and fans have gotten a hold of it as well!

What do you guys think of the TFIOS poster tagline? Comment below or tweet us @TFIOSSG

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John Green Responds to Controversial Tagline


fault-in-our-stars-movie-taglineFollowing the release of the TFIOS poster, a few days ago, many fans have commented and voiced their opinions on the controversial tagline used on the poster: “ONE SICK LOVE STORY”. To put the fans at ease author John Green has released a statement via Tumblr:

“I like the tag line,” Green wrote after saying it’s not his decision and isn’t his movie. “I found it dark and angry in the same way that Hazel is (at least at times) dark and angry in her humor. I mostly wanted something that said, ‘This is hopefully not going to be a gauzy, sentimental love story that romanticizes illness and further spreads the lie that the only reason sick people exist is so that healthy people can learn lessons.’ But that’s not a very good tag line. I like the tag line because it says, literally, the sick can also have love stories. Love and joy and romance are not just things reserved for the well.”


The Little Things In Life… Make Ansel Happy

It has been a while since we have heard any TFIOS news. The film has finished shooting and is now in post production! We at TFIOS Support Group can not wait to see one of our favorite novels come to life! There are still many people out there who have not read the book! So we encourage you to tell you friends about it! Bring a smile to Ansel Elgort’s face 😛


TFIOS Filming Continues in Amsterdam!

The Fault in Our Stars has finished filming in Pittsburgh and has moved on to international shooting in Amsterdam! Author John Green continues to share updates with us!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 5.30.02 PM




Bitterballs!!! #tfiosmovie#amsterdam#tfios


Ansel Elgort enjoys his first Dutch bitterball as Shailene Woodley cheers him on. #tfios#tfiosmovie


A little boat, full of water, still floating. #amsterdam#tfiosmovie


#tfios #tfiosmovie


Almost Every Line of Dialogue from TFIOS is in the Film!


John Green recently sat down with Hypable to discuss the upcoming film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars! Read more below:

A key part of a book to film adaptation is just how loyal the script is to the source material.

For The Fault in Our Stars, it’s nearly identical.

In a new interview with The Pittsburgh GazetteThe Fault in Our Stars author John Green says that “almost every line of dialogue in the movie is from the book.”

He added, “It’s very, very faithful.”

Though it’s a loyal adaptation, that doesn’t mean we have Green to thank. The writer says that he stays out of the way during filming and didn’t have a part in writing the script. “Usually book writers are on the set for one or two days. I’m lucky to have a really great relationship with Josh [Boone] the director, and he’s the kind of relaxed, laid-back, confident guy who doesn’t need to worry about that stuff,” he said. “I don’t want it to be my movie. I don’t know how to direct a movie.”

Green also spoke about why fans feel it necessary to see a book brought to the big screen. “When people really love a book, what they want to see is the book come to life. They want to see the book visually, and I’m sympathetic to that desire. I felt that desire about books that I loved, I felt that about ‘Harry Potter,’ I felt that about ‘Revolutionary Road,’ I felt that about a huge variety of books.”

“But, you know, my hope is that it can be a good movie, not that it can be a good visualization of a book.”

The Fault in Our Stars is currently filming in Pittsburgh, and this past Monday Hypable got to visit the set to speak with the stars and watch them shoot. We will have a detailed report up closer to the film’s release.